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Research Papers


Black walnut, osage orange and eastern redcedar sawmill waste as natural dyes: Effect of aluminum mordant on color parameters.

Doty, K., Haar, S., & Kim, J. (2016).

Published in Fashion and Textiles Journal. (In Press)





Exploration of color from black walnut, Osage orange, and eastern red cedar sawdust on cotton yarn for design of a hand woven textile and apparel product.

 Doty, K.*, & Haar, S. (2014, November).

Presented at  International Textile and Apparel Association conference





Comparison of aluminum mordanted and nonmordanted wool and cotton dyed with walnut.

 Doty, K., & Haar, S. (2013)

Published at Undergraduate Research Journal of the Human Sciences, 12 . Retrievable from