Research is a journey

My study uses a variety of qualitative research methods to understand how natural colorants are currently used in textile and apparel industries. Research methods include interviews, hands-on observations, and video documentation. The following is a little bit about the big picture questions I’m asking (the ever-evolving "why" and "how" of natural dyeing) and the methods I am using for this project.


main questions surrounding the project

Why use natural dyes?

Why continue to use natural dyes?



How are natural dyes being used in the industry?

How long has a company or individual been using natural dyes?

How do companies and individuals associate themselves to natural dyes?

How do companies and individuals articulate their identities through the use of natural dyes?




Interviewing is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of an individual, be it over the phone or face to face. Feedback from interviews can be a vital part of understand why and how natural dyes are currently being used in the apparel and textile industry. If you agree to an interview, we can potentially set up one over the phone or in person. Initial interviews over the phone may last for about 30 to 45 min, just let me know your schedule and I’m happy to work with you. My goal is to also record as many interviews as possible for use in a final documentary film but we can discuss that in more detail in our correspondence and conversations.


hands-on observations

Hands-on participation is a way to gain more insightful understanding of what you do! So feel free to put me to work. Be it lifting yardage out of a dye bath or taking pictures, please let me know how I can gain some hands on knowledge with you or your company’s work with natural dyes. I have a background in video production, graphic design, colorfastness research, textile design, and apparel design, so I’m flexible as to which roles I can fill. We may be able to work together for a few days or for a few weeks, either way I’m excited and honored to work with you.

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Video Documentation

Documentary filmmaking is a perfect medium for telling stories and will make this project available to a wider audience outside of academia. Through the use of filmed interviews and footage of different companies, runway shows, dye houses, fields, and gardens I hope to share a little slice of the larger story surrounding natural dyes.